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No! there shouldn’t be fear at all. This is the problem. If F does decide to throw a tantrum, that’s a a problem with F, not us. I understand (probably more than a lot of people) how devastating a ban could be. However, the only people I can see who have recovered from bans are those whom have been proud to stick by their identity. Everyone else was banned anyway without even being part of a community.


I remember that, I think you posted about it. The worst of that is that you don’t really have any good options. It’s all very well saying “put your prices up” or “go in there and screech like a hellbeast” but… yeah, people suck.


If you consider the demands that the metric system makes on a seller, then there’s every reason to fear a ban. Let’s say you get successful, make like millions of dollars a year (interesting thought: would they ban someone with that amount of comission $?), you’re pretty much screwed and stuck to answering all messages, desperately juggling extension times, making sure buyers are happy enough to leave a 5-star review and whatever other nonense for 60 days with a bloody 30 day evaluation period…

How much time are you really going to have to build up a community elsewhere? Fact is, Ole Petey would be completely F’d if it wasn’t for the fact he’s a living meme who is now getting paid to literally quote people’s comments. Most freelancers don’t have that luxury - they’ve got to focus on the platform that’s making them the best money, and others suffer.

Bit jelly of Pete tbh, his new YT gig must be a lot less stressful (for now - not so sure about what happens after the kids move onto whatever’s next, like a balloon farter).


It’s been a while, this is going to be fun @Locusta. I don’t even remember if we had ever exchanged a line, but yeah, before the forum was moved to the discourse platform. You were making fun of me, as I had a meksel grammar, and I was offering fake Amazon reviews. :wink:

Anyways, welcome aboard here!


I appreciate this. However, I refuse to surrender my integrity. I see bans and warnings mentioned on the F forum daily. Recently, there has been a buyer issued a warning after asking for TV show review blogs. You can be stung for anything. To me, it’s illogical to not try and guess what you might need to be afraid of.

Anyway, I’m not going to argue about this matter. I had no awareness when I signed up to Fiverr that I would not be allowed to question their decision making. It isn’t in TOS. Nor do I work for Fiverr. If Fiverr has a problem with open discussion, that is their problem. Also, as we are seeing now, this causes a discussion. I prefer to be open. I have nothing to hide.

Edit: Also, what’s to say I am this cyaxrex dude and not somebody trying to taint his image? :eyes:

And yes @razvan eye roll emojis are addictive! :slight_smile:


Well, if I had made fun of you and you had meksell grammar at the time, you appear to have come a long way :slight_smile:
If you didn’t respond with YOU ARE SO ARROGANT!!! or something like that you were probably going to be OK!

It’s OK, I also offered Amazon reviews when I was a meksell starting out who didn’t know better. I just didn’t whine about it on the forum and thought “OK, that’s fair enough,” which was the thing that always made me wonder about the furious people with their review gigs. Of course, it was a little different then and I too had the "but what about the other 34252325 sellers? But it didn’t seem worth pursuing.

Cy - saw that post too. Mind you, I just thought “eh, buyers requests” and moved on. It’s pretty obvious that they’ve got some kind of word spam filter that doesn’t really work, and that it’s a place best ignored. I think they should improve it though. It could reduce the pressure on the other stuff, like new sellers and post 1,232,432 about “WHY I NOT MEK SELL YETS? I HAVE MAKE 4 5 STAR REVIEW!” (in what looks like a review ring, m’dear) by forcing them to be a bit more pro-active about looking, and not having 99% of BR being made of a carefully constructed castle of low pay and…

Eh, whatever. I never used it anyway. Either way, site’s a mess right now in multiple ways and it’s depressing.


I don’t even remember - I was 16 years old at the time, a lot to learn, and focus to improve my grammar, services, and etc. :wink:

Maybe, you have read some of the posts, and I am sometimes arrogant with meksels and make fun of them, but I stopped after the “psychic” lady caused sh1t-storm as my post was inappropriate. Okay, maybe you don’t even know which is my Fiverr nick. :stuck_out_tongue:


And you were a teenager! :wink:

Oh, how you have improved! :blush:

Hmm, Could your profile pic be a clue? :thinking:

Hey Cy, one in the users in an F Forum PM group I am in said she would not be in contact with anyone outside of the F. She remembered that you had once said you and a friend you knew before that friend joined the F were given a warning for having contact outside of F. Tell me more about that please. :flushed:


Thanks, dear!


Ah, I do know you. There are only so many freelancers on F in Macedonia and on the forum. You’v got the new cartoon pic and apologised for being a bit mekselly publicly shortly after I was banned. Yes, I probably lurk too much on forums for my own good, but I’ve got my metrics to think of :face_vomiting:

This is basically an Eastern European forum (I don’t care what the Greeks say, it is geographically and culturally in Eastern Europe). Hurray!


Darn, I think I was a meksell once, too, but hey, it was in Fiverr’s early days, Fiverr itself was a meksell in the beginning :smiley: I was just joining the small crowd at that time - everyone was a meksell, although a lot was mekfunnysell back then :wink:


They basically told me that reddit was fine, btw. Besides, their NO CONTACT RULE is more or less based on legalities (as Pete found out, their legal dept. has no sense of humor) and you know, CS is just like the front line of templates, with the others being a secondary line of templates.

Probably best I was banned really, I woulda lost my position sooner rather than later, I feel.


I didn’t join until 2013, and TBH I was like “eh, let’s see what it’s like” and hated the low prices and almost gave up a year later with some pocket change. I was already doing OK elsewhere so it was more like an experiment that I decided to continue. I don’t really understand the people who make an account and expect sells to fall into their lap.

I also don’t think it was that much easier back then - the complaints haven’t changed…


Actually, for me it was as simple as waiting for sales to fall into my lap :smiley: Well, OK, not exactly… I tried out a few ton of gigs before I found the big idea: a gig that back then was basically unique (heck, I didn’t have any idea about the niche I had picked either, I was venturing in new waters, throwing :poop: at the wall, and one particular :poop: managed to stick :smiley: )

Ever since, many have tried stealing my work, copying it, adapting it, and now I find myself in a niche where almost everyone started from my gig idea, or from someone who stole my gig idea :roll_eyes: what bothers me, though, is that the majority are meksell, which makes me feel ashamed of what I’ve started :man_facepalming:

Come to think about it now, I might just be the creator of meksell :scream:

Oh Lawd, make it rain, cleanse my abominable creation!


Not true. I have had a friend order from me off Fiverr without them knowing who I am. However, although I did write a post about how serendipitous this was, I decided against publishing. I also did meet a woman a couple of years ago who is an opera singer and I tried to get to join Fiverr. Then I questioned how Fiverr would react if I ordered VO work from her. (She didn’t join as far as I am aware.)

I also know a girl from my old coworking space who had a vendetta against Fiverr because she was apparently banned early on after bringing a client to the platform. I don’t know the full details of that though. Otherwise, I do have a buyer who used to buy from me on PPh but now buys from me on Fiverr. Initially, I simply avoided all acknowledgments of recognition. Never, though, have I received a warning from Fiverr for any reason. In this case, your friend would have to provide a link to what they believe is the conversation in question.


Do Tenor GIFs not work on Discourse? I liked my last GIF better. Maybe my internet isn’t working good. Here it is again.


Bwahaha :rofl:


So far I’ve seen that GIFs over 4.5mb will get removed automatically :roll_eyes: @RegiAdd must do something about that limit!


Ah, that makes sense - to save on bandwidth I guess, as I seem to recall DC hosts the images etc even if they’re basically being pushed thru another site? IDK, I’m a writer…


Typical daily virus-scam convo in inbox with a mekhaxe:

– Hi, dear I need SEO, kindly check attachment, file password 8877
– Why is there an installable screensaver file in your zip file?
– i have screen saver file like screen saver like jog, on windows 10 new version of windows, kindly check details


People like these make me want to do bad things :cry: Because of that guy, I already set a mouse trap outside the door! sorry, but their friggin’ everywhere here in the middle of the woods! it’s a full-blown invasion!