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Okay, the 2nd one!

I can always modify it & add a person, a pup, a book or whatever as the mood strikes me.

** Okay, finally gonna find out about this blind review everyone is talking about **

Everyone, except freaky! :grin:
See blind review below :arrow_down_small:

It’s always a thrill when I hire the right seller the first time. I received more than what I asked, in record time. He is a truly talented visionary with excellent communication and professional service. Highly recommended! I look forward to working on our next project!


How much do your daily super niceness injections cost btw?

It’s just I know this Indian…

Who is nice but could do with a bit butter wouldn’t melt nice. :slight_smile:


Shucks! :blush:


Really, Mr, Investor?

This is not an image anyone wants in their head at 3am in the morning.

Get your toilet mouth sorted.

I wrote a great tagline for a toilet repair company the other day: "Flushing with Embarrassment?"

I’ll see if I’ve still got their number. I think they do emergency call-outs…

Less of the potty mouth. You’re running my insomnia.


Dude…just giving you an idea of the sh!t Indians have to deal with. See the link and the context. Anyway deleted it.

Anyway, remember what I said about shame and why it’s so important to lose it?

You are trying to shame me into submission here. Indians in general have a strong sense of shame, which is why they are taken advantage of, seen as meek and weak.

I don’t have that.


Cy, when someone insults my country I don’t hold back. But yes, I shouldn’t have mentioned that on this forum, which is why I deleted the post.
Anyway, later, got work to do.


Are you two playing nice? :thinking:

Don’t make me assign you detention!


He was using swear words.


Now swearing is not allowed here! I will need to wash Mr Investor’s mouth out with :soap: if he continues. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cy…who said we are a poor country? Ref your deleted post.

We have the world’s 3rd biggest GDP in terms of PPP, 6th biggest based on market exchange rate, inflation of 3%, GDP growth rate of 8% - better than China.

Wake up! This is freakin new India. Things could go wrong, of course, but they could go right as well. And if they go right, we are going to be #1 country on the planet.

I have full confidence in my people, regardless of how much contempt I have for them. It’s okay for me to mock Indians, but if somebody else mocks them, my blood starts boiling. These … are my family, whether I like it or not, and I gotta defend them to death.

Just today I did an article for $100 for an Indian entrepreneur who lives in India. Very proud of that. There is enormous wealth in India and we are getting richer every year.


Aunt Vickie, it wasn’t directed at Cy or anyone here. It was aimed at some racist creep on some other site.


Then aim it at the creep and tell us about in in a more civil way. :wink:


What about the GDP per capita?

I agree with you that India, in general, it isn’t a poor country, but the distribution of wealth in India isn’t great. It’s the country with the largest contrasts.

Indeed, India might be the “new” China in 10-20 years from now, as China is already developed in most of its parts, and the labor isn’t cheap as it used to be some decades ago. Now India is more competitive for the multinational corporations to open their factories there, plus you have a lot of educated people. Man, you are one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Which is clearly something awesome.

You aren’t going to be a #1 country, as China and the US, would definitely change their politics to stay in the world domination game. But definitely, India is going to give them a run for the money. Plus, your army and air-force are powerful, the Indian military IMO is more prepared than the Chinese one.

Plus, Tata owns a lot of multinational corporations. If you didn’t have socialism in India, India would have been already a developed county. Correct me if I am wrong, as I am not sure if Nehru implemented “true” socialism in India. I have watched a couple of documentaries, and short-videos on those subjects.

80% of my canceled orders are from clients from India. However, I had awesome Indian clients too. There are also some great Indian freelancers that I have worked with, and some that delivered crap.

I have a feeling that North Korea might change their foreign policy, and do similar economic reforms as China, in the next 20-30 years they might be a great country. They even created an official government website for investing in North Korea which states that it’s the country with the lowest labor costs in the entire Asian continent. Who knows.


Nehru was a bumbling fool. He was made PM because of Gandhi’s misplaced affection for him. We are still a socialist country in many ways, which holds us back.


Re. Deleted posts, it would be nice if you could stop deleting all your own, in order to make other peoples replies look out of context.

Also, WTH? Look at what you are doing! What is the title of this post? Does it have any bearing on you or peoples perceptions of India? This isn’t Reddit or the other forum. Someone has kindly given you a full forum with full free speech out if their own pocket. Now you are already tainting it with your usual hysterics. Have some blooming respect and think before you go off on one, or just create your own thread.

Now, to get back on track with relevant banner ideas:


Is that so? Okay bye.


Typical snowflake millennial. :pensive:


Jeez, you guys… I thought I had finished highschool - seems I’m still trapped there :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Get it together, this is not the time for drama, holidays are coming, happiness, joy, laughter, The Grinch, cat-ruined Christmas trees, fake presents, dad caught dressed as Santa, OH MY G… :scream:

What if… Santa isn’t real? :scream: well, that could definitely ruin Secret Santa.



Chill. We all like you and want you to stick around!

There is only 3 rules on this forum: no x-rated material, throttle back the profanity and nothing gross/insulting. That’s it! Pretty simple.

I don’t mind y’all talking politics or other heated topics, as long as everyone stay civil.

So, just come back here. You and Cy have been internet friends for long time.

Have a :cookie: or a :tropical_drink: and relax with the rest of us.

There, there! Of course, :santa: is real! :sparkling_heart:, G.


And there you go again after your daily loveliness injections. Is the clinic you go to even legal? Is Hillary Clinton or Angela Merkel aware of it? You could make a fortune just through reccomendations.