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IDK. The 10-day thing tells me that maybe this seller got the notification that the buyer reviewed them but didn’t leave a response and was shocked 10-days later when the review popped up. I’ve had this happen with several reviews now. I simply miss the notification and suddenly (in my case because I am awesome) I get 5-star reviews flying at me 10-days later.

The bug perhaps rests with the fact that notifications often disappear shortly after showing up. Unless, of course, they are Fiverr Learn notifications which just pop up everywhere all the time. I even had to untangle one from my mad writer hair this morning…


Ugh, Learn. Every time that comes up in my notifications list and pops up when I’m usually trying to work, I make a mental note that I am never purchasing a course. Unless it leads to better rankings, which is really just a pay to play scheme and indirect poor people tax which could, theoretically, increase the black market value of profiles.

My notifications are generally accurate, but sometimes they don’t show up or show notifications from weeks/months ago unless I refresh. That’s been a tiresome bug as long as I can remember. Generally harmless, unless that one dreadful review you got months ago happens to be in the list, recreating the drama and pain all over again.

You have a good point about missing/forgetting notifications, actually. Maybe that’s it. Mind you, with my new, low volume seller status, it’s hard for me to miss much these days.


Alas that often is what twarts my plans. :roll_eyes:


Uhm… actually they have it black on white that it does lead to better rankings :grimacing: So yeah, it’s a lame scheme, probably to make sellers put back the money they earn in Fiverr, you know, recirculating revenue for ranks :roll_eyes:



Heck, I’m considering buying one of those courses just to make F’s notifications about it shut up for once, it’s like darn spam! And there’s also the BYOB spammy notifications as well… Too much spam!


But has anyone actually reported any improvement in ranking yet? I know Frank is testing it, but as a PRO, it’s not like ranking really affects much in terms of visibility already, is it? Whether people convert and buy etc. is another story, of course…

EDIT: Buying a course might be worth getting the spambot to STFU, but then you’ve just given it what it wants :thinking:


I’ve seen already high ranking sellers having purchased courses, so can’t say if it worked or not as they were already at the top of most searches.

You never know when F decides to change the search/visibility filters - I keep recalling a particular period when all filters (i.e. “most relevant” & “best selling”) would only show new unrated gigs :smiley:

[edit: heck, there was a time when the TRS filter wouldn’t show the TRS’ in any category :roll_eyes: ]

Exactly my inner battle at the moment :smiley:


IT’S NOT FAIR. Newbies need top ranks too!

That’s better!

I don’t have anything intelligent to say here because there’s nothing very intelligent to say about such an algorithm.


That’s because it’s not really an algorithm, which should be “an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems”, yet everything pertaining to F’s algorithm is ambiguous, even to CS themselves.

The so-called ‘algorithm’ may just be comprised of random, complex, meaningless formulas taken from old, dusty math books and chained together until they produce a desired output interval.


It didn’t work for me, everything is as it was. I started a second course today. So I will update here if it does help this time.


So, which course are you doing now? I hear the Instagram course is a super-boring slideshow that goes nowhere.


Adobe Photoshop Mastery.

Which is a lot cheaper on Udemy btw. :roll_eyes:


I forgot which course you already took, Freaky? :alien:


See, I’d be quite interested in taking a course like that personally, but I have no intention of offering PS services on Fiverr (I do all my gig images myself on PS but there’s room for more improvement) - primarily because of the constant threat of bad buyers and their various brands of crazy.

Then you’ve got the fact that the Udemy one is cheaper and probably better. IDK. lol!


Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals.

@Locusta it is actually the very same course, by the same instructor.


To be honest, I find Learn grossly insulting. This month I’m paying out £1,000+ for software licences, web hosting and subscription renewals for tools and learning resources which I have already invested heavily in, just to be able to do what I do.

To have it implied that I may now lose sales on Fiverr to people willing to pay for an overpriced Udemy course is just like a slap in the face. I do embrace learning new things. However, never in my life have I learned anything meaningful or added to my skill base via what is essentially a few hours of Youtube videos.

Also, courses like what are offered on Learn don’t teach sellers how to innovate. When I started on Fiverr, I offered ebook formatting. When I started formatting my own ebooks, I used industry standard tools like Adobe In Design. However, I encountered problems. Yes, you can create visually stunning ebooks but (at least this was the case then) these wouldn’t always be universally compatible with ereaders. I eventually saved money and ensured universal device compatibility, by using several (difficult to learn) Linux based applications.

Now on Fiverr, I also offer a completely unique explainer video format which is unique because I do not use industry standard software. This is my USP. Learn trashes it by implying that I need to have an After Effects test badge to be considered worthy of the search.

I was originally interested in the Stories that Sell course. However, I’ve never heard of the course seller outside of Fiverr or Udemy. Could this be because what they are really good at is creating courses that sell? As well as this, there are several problems with actually selling services like writing on Fiverr.

I know how to get real SEO results and see real ROI from content marketing. However, 90% of my buyers are resellers who don’t know. I demonstrate this to myself time and time again, by sending out easy to complete questionnaires when buyers message to say "can you write content for my website?" The questionnaire itself scares them away because they do not know how to answer the most basic questions.

Also, the emails and notifications could have been pushed much less aggressively.


Photoshop + Fiverr = Background removal gigs :roll_eyes:

Apparently everyone is an expart at background removal :man_facepalming: (oh, yeah, and there are those with photo improvement gigs who put Before & After images that are actually After & Before :smiley: )


Ah yes, well my plan was “write an article with an EXPART PS cover picture!” so yeah, pretty much background removal (or google “transparent pixabay image(s)”) and uh, yeah. At least Pixabay works unlike the carcrash tht is Forgetti Spaghetti premium image extras which don’t work 90% of the time (I removed them from all my gigs after a particuarly horrible week with sympathetic customers and awful CS).

My thinking is/was that “wow, I get images with my text!” which is as lame as it sounds. A step above “I will give you the same CC image everyone else has” mind you…


Why not make a special course directed at resellers on Fiverr for “how not to be a complete arse and win while making your neo-employees happy, too”? I’m sure you can come up with a pithier and catchier title than that.

Then you can just C&P 50% of it to Fiverr and reap dem dollars, yo.

EDIT: I have a questionnaire too, but I stopped because I’d get a ton of filled out ones, most of which were filled out in crayons and monosyllables. Mind you, sending a note that “I’m too busy to…” with that questionnaire got me lots of results. haven’t used it lately though, as it doesn’t feel too pro. It is effective though. I recommend this approach to all high volume sellers.

Please note that while this will scare off the worst buyers, it will also invite a few nightmares into your life too.


I chain smoke. Me on camera would be as disastrous as a Monica Lewinski endorsement for Hilary in 2020. However, I am thinking of offering a free course here on my buzz…