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I quite enjoyed Monica’s last interview. The “we thought it was ranch dressing” one. That whole affair is unpeeling like a particularly scandalous onion, with just the inner cores of Clintonian disgrace covering up their dignity with a drizzle of corruption.

On the other hand, I support Clinton (H) - Lewinsky (M) 2020. Think of all the catfights.

PS Are you not a part of the #vapenation?


I am not aware of this interview. I like the whole drama of the affair though. Bill was such a dog.


I misremembered, it was spinach dip. Which is even more hilarious, really. Just read the (awesome) bulletpoints of this article for the general gist.

That could be a gig - “I will write salacious news bullet points for you”

  • The two then moved to the lavatory where ‘some attention’ was paid on Lewinsky and then she ‘was reciprocating’



I actually find the stain issue quite trashy. I find the testimony of Bill’s secret lovechild much more interesting.


It’s incredibly trashy, but so is Jeremy Kyle…

I wonder if the full scandal of the Clintons will ever come out.


I doubt it. There is a lot on the Dark Web but a lot of what is there is obviously deception trap stuff. I feel sorry for Hillary in a way. I think she was the equivalent of Gordon Brown to Tony Blair. She just never got to pull the power levers because of a younger stud using her own hairstyle against her. :frowning:


To be fair, Hilary’s been rockin’ a lot of bad mom haircuts in the intervening years. Maybe Chelsea will get there instead, if she can drag herself away from her huge NYC flat (which I believe covers an entire block).

As for Messrs Broon & Blair, the less said the better.


Please. Chelsea is about as photogenic as jimmy Savile on a bad hair day. That line will never go anywhere now. Next we’ll have the Trump or Obama kids telling us they are the leaders of the free world.


I was just thinking of Sir Jimell, now you mention him. The Leveson Inquiry was such a damp squib. On the other hand, we did get to see Wendy Deng go wild on the bloke trying to creampie Rupert Murdoch who was senile. It’s very fortunate he’s since recovered from his dementia - although a shame that he hasn’t shared his secret with the world.

Little Donny T is too young to go off the rails yet, but aren’t the Obama kids both weed fiends now or something? Fun fact: Crete’s biggest party town is called Mallia. We’ve been waiting for her.


Well, I fancy Ivanka Trump, she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen. Smart too, which is a bonus. Can’t understand why she would marry a complete low IQ low testosterone beta male.

As for Chelsea…below average looks, below average intelligence, nothing wrong with that, plenty of women are like that, but please, take her off the public stage. It’s embarassing. She should just stick to being a housewife and tend to her kids. Her education, her degrees, her jobs…she hasn’t earned any of them. Such a waste of space. Even the guy who married her probably married her because of who her parents are.

As for Obama’s older daughter, she is a (much) better looking version of Chelsea.


Investor. You look, act, and sound like a eunuch Fraggle compared to Jared Kushner.


Look at yourself in the mirror dude, that’s all I’ll say. Remember what that racist lady from somewhere said about you that ticked you off so much :neutral_face:


You’d have to remind me. I’m just tickled by how whenever you seem to learn a new word like ‘anti-fragile’ or ‘low testosterone’ it becomes the center of your world for a while. Calling Jared Kushner a limp biscuit is just… Well, if you honesty think you beat him on wealth, intelligence, success, looks, and testosterone levels, why aren’t you Trumps favorite son in law? :wink:


Wealth: He may beat me on that. Silver spoon an all that.

Success: What has he achieved in life? Apart from marrying Ivanka, of course.

Intelligence: I beat most people on that, let’s say I’m in the 99.5 percentile.

Looks: I beat him on that easily.

Testosterone Levels: There too. Will beat him easily.

Anyway, love to chit chat and all that, but got work to do. Later.


You are clearly a man-God. It must be a nightmare living in a world where your supper testosterone pheromones result in every single woman in Bangalore throwing themselves at you. We are truly blessed to have you with us.



The guy in the pic looks more like XXXX than me. :confused: Anyway. Try harder next time.


For a man fizzing with testosterone, you are surprisingly catty this time of month. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’ll have to go now, though. My Harem needs feeding.

P.S. I don’t think it is a good idea to mention other people by name who are not members of this forum. Passing mentions, fine. Things like this could be interpreted the wrong way.





:+1: !

Hum, I wonder what they spoke of? :thinking: Miss that gal!

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