UK: Challenges Facing the NHS in the Post-Brexit World


Our ex-pm, which was convicted for corruption requested a political asylum in Hungary. Orban is his best buddy.


D-amn it boy…you and I have the exact same political views. How did that happen?


Common sense?


Yeah, that and you are smart. Good. But don’t end up like me, find a girl, get married and build a traditional family in a world that has gone mad.


I get lower grades, and bad work performance when I am dating a girl. It’s demanding, especially, if you stumble upon a psycho girl.

Don’t tell anyone: I was using tinder, and that app is full of crazy girls.


Yes, that is what a lot of people think here. In fact, there was a bit of a scandal during the last election. A lot of postal votes were discovered where hundreds of immigrants (who have been here 5+ years and are allowed to vote) were found as all coming from people apparently living at the same addresses. It was something stupid like 12 people to an apartment.

In real-life, none of these appeasements were actually lived in and most were unfinished and therefore have never been lived in. It was all quickly bushed under the carpet and the only journalist pursuing this and lots of other hot stories was was later… Let’s say retired early.

Of course, the voting thing is common sense. I was actually homeless once and I have a lot of empathy for homeless people because of this. On the streets, you can’t get anything without an address, not even basic monetary benefits. Most homeless shelters also state that you can not use them as an address. This means people can’t better their lives until some kind of miracle happens.

In the case of immigrants, all are offered emergency accommodation when they arrive which they get to keep until permanent social housing or social paid for housing with private landlords can be found. Each also gets an allowance, even if they do not immediately qualify for benefits. It is, therefore, obvious that these people will eventually vote for whoever offers them them the best ‘Welcome to the UK’ goody bag.

This is why if I ever go back, I’m ditching my passport and going to pretend I’m from somewhere there is a war on.


Life here is crazy expensive - tourists have complained that we have prices that rival luxury vacations in Dubai but without all the comfort and luxury lifestyle from there. This place is like a constantly conflicting Twilight Zone :smiley:

Ugh, I’m sorry but he always sides with whatever party wins the elections in my country. One mandate he’s all friends with X and enemy of Y, and the next mandate he’s all of a sudden friend with Y and enemy of X like nothing ever happened, and it’s been like this since forever, a constant vicious circle of false appearances :roll_eyes:

Yes, in his country - and in our country, where we have a Hungarian minority, he’s all anti-buddy with us.

I hate politics :expressionless: :weary:


Yes, I know they have the Flag of Transylvania in their parliament. Plus, all of the artifacts in their national museum were actually from Romania/Serbia. I speak about Hungary.