What do I do next?


Nah, I don’t think it’s misogyny, I just hate everyone except my clients (nobody likes their clients as much as I do, I’ve been very lucky), Indian Army, PM Modi, President Trump, PM Netanyahu and anyone from Israel (except the leftists), NN Taleb, Ramesh Damani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Porinju, Mukesh Ambani, my mother and a few select friends, online and offline. Yeah, that’s about it.


Anyway, I need to turn off the email option. Will be away for next 2 weeks. Lots of work to be done. Have fun everyone, hopefully the next time I come will see more familiar faces.


Pesident Trump is your clients! :scream:

I bet we see you before 2 weeks! :wink:

Who do you want us to invite? :thinking:


I used to have Cat as a connection on LinkedIn, and I think that I still do, but I don’t feel comfortable sending her an invite to join us here. :slight_smile:


Cat has not been active in our 5r pm so she may be too busy with her new job to socialize.


Cat is active a lot on the main forum.


Yes, she is. Maybe to hang on to her regular badge.


I used to be the only one who didn’t have gigs hanging around the 5r forum, but now I guess :cat: has taken over. I used to enjoy 5r forum, was member before they migrated to Discourse.

The old days when Cy was a mod, Eoin wasn’t, Emma was the same gal then as she is now - though I think she’s calmed down quite a bit, MC was one of the most senior contributor and Nika, Saddu were newbies, along with me.

When I left in March, all the people I started with were either gone or like a space :alien: had taken over their :brain: . Everything was so heavily moderated that when I sneezed, I got :white_flag: .

It was getting boring and repetitive.

On a happier note, Gj created some awesome banners for me to put at the top of this forum!!

I hate typing on my tiny tablet. This has taken forever to write.


Nika has not been there in forever. Have you seen her anyplace else? It would be fun to have her here.


No. I haven’t heard a peep from her in months. To be fair, I’ve been tied up with some crazy stuff myself.

I miss Nik, Mil, Saddu, Cat, Lorna. :cry:

Good to have you, TF, VI, Cy here! :smile:

Razzy has been my :rocket: !!


I put my profile on Out of Office. Would you please inbox me on 5r so I can find out if I stil can ge messages from my regular buyers?


You can still get messages from those you have talked to in the past Aunt Vickie…even when you’ve put on the Out of Office mode. So you will receive messages from old clients, but not from new clients.


Oh, goody! I was thought it was like that, but I wanted to know for sure. I do not want my regulars to think me irresponsible. I did say on my profile my regular buyers could still contact me. Now I know I was not lying! :rofl:


Awww :blush:

Glad to see the forum is kicking now :grin: It’s already gotten hard for me to catch up :smiley: