Who Should Have Ivanka Picked?


Start out by making it interesting:

Did you know that dandruff is formed when pure crystals of intelligence leach out of the scalp when sleeping?

Scientific research has proven that eating dandruff scraped from the shoulders of the richest 1% in India, can boost a persons IQ by five percentage points. Sadly, consuming dandruff has severe side effects. After licking the lapels of the then head of physics at Oxford, a young Stephen Hawking quickly rose to prominence as one of the great thinkers of our age. Sadly, the toll eating dandruff eventually took on Hawking was sever.

Dry shampoo changes this. Dry shampoo is the only shampoo clinically proven to…

You’d have to carry on with the rest. I hope that this helps! :slight_smile:


Here is a classic meme, updated for the ages. No apologies for craptastic PS skillz!

I do like your article beginning, and it’s certainly more interesting than 99% of the research I have done into this thrilling niche. Sadly, it’s a listicle that basically involves demonizing all competitors before hawking one as the shampoo to win over all heads of hair. Dandruff free, of course.

Anyway, that’s enough memes for now. I can take requests :slight_smile:


That’s alright, but you’re picking the worst images of Ivanka.


Photoshop Writer and Ivanka in the oval office, doing something fun.

P.S: Select -> Object = a lot better selection (cutout) in a few seconds - might come in handy.


In Writers world that would be counting money and berating women for having careers. In Ivanka’s ‘fun’ would be whispering to Melania on the sly: "Hey, trout pout, Daddy likes me better than you, and you know it!"

Maye just photoshop everyone together worshiping a giant statue of Modi at Bohemia Grove, or on Safari in Detroit on the weekend.


I don’t really know what I created here, if I’m honest.

Although perhaps it’s better with Melania? Hard to know.


Has somebody been taking a Photoshop Mastery course on Fiverr Learn? :wink:

It’s beautiful. I like it.


Of course, we won’t know if it’s any good unless Investor gives it his gold star of approval. I did think about adding Bohemian Grove and its scary rock-thing into the window, but that would have required some actual skills. :frowning:


Is it creepy?

Come on, @Value_Investor you deserve a better phone! All tough, you are probably right, it’s not so smart to buy an expensive phone as you said in a previous topic.


This image really calls for a furious Trump somewhere in the background. BRB.



This is a winner. You just need some way to emphasize the fact that Mr. Investor oozes testosterone 24/7 and would probably have more bars on the windows to keep Ivanka in and poor people out.


I found this while Googling ‘testosterone man’. This is a sound argument:



The minute I find a zucchini with a hairy chest in the supermarket, I’m forsaking the vegetable world for good. Also, zucchinis aren’t very good at conversation or cleaning the house. Womenfolk, on the other hand, can be more capably replaced.

Also, zucchinis are only seasonal…


You can easily get hairy zucchinis - just leave them in the fridge long enough, but not so long that they turn into a green mystery soup along with other produce.

Here is an image I found using the search term testosterone man, who I almost mistook for Jean-Claude 'Muscles from Brussels" van Damme:

Investor is being awfully quiet: I wonder if he’s gone to bed with his mug of hot milk?


The file name of the photo is killing it…


This is the last one tonight. I’ve maxxed out on manly manliness here.


No agility fart action?


I considered it. If there’s one time you need an agility fart, it’s certainly between the jaws of a giant crocodile while saving the terrified, yet still slightly lecherous, president and his daughter. However, knowing Investors’ great respect for (D.) Trump, I decided it would be out of character for him to allow a noxious toot out while being incredibly brave like his fellow brothers in the Indian army (who obviously taught him this power move).


Wise move. As sweetly scented as I’m sure they are, I doubt Trump would appreciate his hair being ruffled.


Jeez, what happened in here while I was gone? :sweat_smile: #trainwreckalert